People Inside Tanganda

Mr. Tim Fennel

Every employee at Tanganda plays a pivotal role in the success of the company and this is observed and greatly appreciated by the management of Tanganda. Through enduring even tough times like Cyclone Idai, our staff rise up and face the forthcoming challenges with aplomb. Tanganda Estates with the fruition of Macs and avos, the amazing tea production and the thriving coffee, has risen to new and great heights and 2020 will be even greater.

Tractor drivers undergoing training by Gwebe Instructors

When it was decided to highlight some of the staff members in this edition. I went around all the Estates and realized I had a difficult job in choosing outstanding people because although almost everyone was suitable I could only pick a few. I was lucky to attend the recent Gala at Ratelshoek and as I walked around I was constantly aware of the how much happiness there was in Tanganda amongst the employees. Entire families were there and the atmosphere was relaxed and excited. Every event was met and followed with enthusiasm.
The stadium was packed and the screams could probably be heard at Tingamira. What a day it was.
While Tanganda management appreciate the workers, I am convinced the workers appreciate the support they receive from management.

Jimmy Nisbet

Mavis Mhlanga based at Zona estate

The tractor is one of our most important pieces of farming equipment and . In June this year Tanganda held a three day safe driving and operation course for all tractor drivers put on by Gweb Ii Agricultural college. In a previously male dominated arena Tanganda has been encouraging women to join the team and we now have 21 Women tractor drivers.
One such woman is Mavis Mhlanga based at Zona estate. Mavis joined Tanganda as a tea plucker in 2001 and in 2013 became a tractor driver. With this job she is able to take care of her four children and at the same time I a role model for the girls in her community. “Women can do anything”

Harvey Stoltz

Harvey Stoltz is one of Tanganda’s true legends and he joined Tanganda at Jersey as Estate Engineer where he remained for six years before being appointed temporary Group engineer based at New years gift until 2018. Harvey is currently Ratelshoek Estate Engineer. Harvey is totally involved in his work and never stops giving it all he has got. Harvey loves fishing and boating on the Zambezi or game viewing.

Jimmy Nisbet

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